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On this platform we respect and take care of users' personal data. We continually strive to create a secure and reliable platform. Your privacy is important to Loop Media. In the following, we will explain what personal data Loop Media collects and how it is used.

We only ask for personal information if it is really necessary for Loop Media's services.

We will never share our users' data with anyone, except to comply with the law or in the case of express authorization.

Please note that this privacy policy may change depending on legislative or self-regulatory requirements. It is recommended to visit this privacy policy periodically.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data:

Personal data is data that can be used to identify or contact a person.

SCO LOOP MEDIA will only request those personal data that are necessary for each of the services or products it offers.

This obligation that the company assumes for minimum intrusive processing extends to: minimum amount of personal data, minimum extent of processing, minimum storage time and minimum accessibility to personal data.

Loop Media obtains your data through a subscription form or by registering in the application. We request this data to manage the list of registrations and to provide the password to access the application.

What personal data may be collected?

  • When creating an ID the data collected will be limited to the user's name, the user's email address, and the user's geographic location. Loop Media does not directly collect location data; however, technologies used might.

Purpose of personal data processing:

SCO LOOP MEDIA may use the personal data collected to:

The personal data collected allows SCO LOOP MEDIA to keep informed about available software updates.

  • Personal data is also used to help develop, refine, manage, provide and improve content and for the purpose of preventing loss and fraud.
  • Personal data may be used to verify the identity of users and to provide them with services that best suit their preferences.
  • Personal data may also be used for service improvement, usage analysis or detection of usage patterns, and customer communications.

The company will adopt the appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to ensure due protection of the rights and freedoms of natural persons with respect to the processing of personal data required by current legislation.

Under no circumstances does Loop Media sell, rent or transfer your personal data.

Collection and processing of non-personal data:

SCO LOOP MEDIA may also collect other data in anonymized form, such as age, language, frequencies in search queries, modes of Internet connection, to improve our products and services, and to better understand the preferences of our users. This non-personal data may be collected, processed, transferred and published for business purposes.

In the event of a match of non-personal data with personal data, the resulting data will be treated as personal data for as long as it remains associated.

Other third parties:

SCO LOOP MEDIA will only provide personal data in compliance with a legal mandate, at the request of an administrative or judicial authority, or for reasons of national security or other relevant reasons of public order.

Protection of personal data:

When using certain products, services or applications or posting opinions in forums, chat rooms or social networks, the content and personal data shared will be visible to other users, who will have the possibility to read, compile or use them. You will be solely responsible for the personal data you distribute or provide in these cases, exonerating the company from any liability.

Integrity and conservation of personal data:

SCO LOOP MEDIA will guarantee the accuracy and quality of personal data, which will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, unless the law requires them to be kept for longer.

Access to personal data:

With respect to the personal data we hold, SCO LOOP MEDIA offers you access to it for any purpose, including requests for rectification in the event that it is incorrect or deletion in the event that we are not required to keep it by law. We reserve the right not to process requests that are inappropriate or vexatious, that jeopardize the privacy of third parties, that are unfeasible or for which local law does not require a right of access.

Requests for access, rectification or deletion may be sent to our address Calle de Nuñez de Balboa 42, Madrid, or at the email account hello@loopmedia.app

Children and education:

Requests for access, rectification or deletion may be sent to our address Calle de Nuñez de Balboa 42, Madrid, or at the email account contactloopmedia@gmail.com

If personal data has been collected from a minor under 14 years of age, without the required consent, such information should be deleted as soon as possible.

Cookie policy:

We only use cookies that are strictly necessary and required for Loop Media to operate.